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Losing feelings

Please share!

This is a couple years back but we met online. I know people say online dating never lasted and I think so too but I tried it anyways.

I met this girl and I really liked her and we became a couple. We lived across the state and it was boring doing the same thing. I was devoted to her and very loyal but she wasn’t.

For the first 3 months when we started dating she lost interest in me because of the distance we have.

After we broke up for 1 month, we went back together again because she missed me and I still loved her then. We broke up a couple of times and it was very tiring.

Then one day, she told me she cheated on me but I still gave her another chance. After that we broke up again. We lasted for 9 months. We talk once in a while but I always kept my distance because she can’t control her emotions.

If we talk for a good month she’ll start liking me again so I always kept my distance from her.

I would think I have philophobia because I just can’t handle relationships anymore or fall in love with someone because I’m afraid.

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