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Category: Female philophobia stories

Anxiety and emotional barriers

Since my divorce, I have been terrified of getting too close to another man. The thought of being with a man again scares and terrifies me because I’m always afraid that they’ll find a way to take advantage of me, that they are not all that nice, and that they will abuse my trust on some level.I admit I put walls up, and emotional barriers. I’ve caught myself. I find myself only attracted to men that are in one way shape or form not able to commit to me, because it gives me the semblence of a relationship, and when it goes bad, like it usually does, it reinforces the fact that I was waiting for the ‘shoe to drop’. I am admittedly afraid of nice guys. I know that they are potentially stable and able to love, and that scares me. I am terrified of feeling out of control,…

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My mother gave me trust issues

Im the type of girl who cant say no to people. People think that I am naive and that people manipulate and walk all over me. The truth is I know when someone is taking advantage of me or trying to manipulate me. I can read people like a book. But when it comes to love I am lost. I just cant open up to people. I feel like its a weakness. I think may have been because of my mother. She would build me up and make me promises and then break them and bring me down. She hurt me and my dad so much I just find it hard to trust anyone. People seem to be drawn to me but I am not really drawn to people. I just sort of back off when someone tries to get close and I hate it. People only see what is…

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Talk myself out of developing feelings

I have never had a boyfriend. My heart has never really been broken. I’m a freshman now. I do know that you CAN be in love even if in High school. To me its a matter of being in love, falling in love, or just infatuation.I dont let myself believe I have any phobia’s. But I have complications when dealing with relationships. I will think a guys nice and all, but when it comes to developing feelings I somehow-i guess- talk myself out of it.

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Panicking at the slightest hint of intimacy

I’ve been single for six years. My last boyfriend became injured in an accident and suffered brain damage. He became a completely different person. I stayed with him as long as I could but he kept lashing out at me in anger so eventually I left him. I guess I’ve never gotten over it. I try to go on dates periodically and at the slightest hint on intimacy I panic and want to run away.

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Terrified of getting close

I’m only 17, but I’ve had my share of “love”. I know people always think that 17 year olds can’t possibly know what love is, but trust me..I do. I’ve been heart-broken so many times. My relationships are always long ones, I always give them my all. But either the guy is too immature, or simply keeps playing me.I try and try, and always fail. I think everything is good, then it falls apart without me being able to do anything to save it. I’m terrified of ever letting myself get close to someone again. I feel like no matter what I do, I always get hurt. It always makes me feel like a horrible girl, even though I’m far from horrible..I am terrified to ever tell someone I love them again, for fear that they too will walk away..

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