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Category: Looking in (non-philophobics)

Am I over-thinking

Philophobia is what I have recently known of. I am 17 years old and I feel that love is not for me! A girl in my streets stares at me and she’s so loud that I can even hear her making fun of me in front of her friends! She feels no shame staring at me! I try to be away from her. I’ve started getting feelings for that innocent girl who doesn’t talks to much boys! I’m in love with her! I feel my heartbeat rise as she gets near me! And I control myself! I try not to talk to her! Am I being in philophobia!

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What did I do wrong?

My agony, suffering, and the pain. It all begin in the month March. Two to three days after my birthday I found out I was in love. I felt that he cared for me and understood my ways.You see I was a troubled girl at the time. My parents had arguments about me, also my mother and I had fights with one another. My father had told he had other kids and a wife. My mother was there but she really didn’t notice me, she just took care of my younger brother (my real brother), I stayed up until my father came home but he didn’t come that night.And school… how much I hate it both church school and regular school, I was always picked on and bullied. That impacted me in a way I couldn’t understand. Later on as I became older started to change. I began cutting myself,…

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Dating a philophobic

Hey, i have been dating a philophobic girl for a couple of months. After a few months, when things were kind of getting more intimate she suddenly started sort of disappearing. She would get colder in texts and avoiding seeing each other. I didn’t realize until we broke up that she was indeed philophobic ( after reading a lot about it i have no doubts that she is).So my question are: 1) Do you guys think she might feel lonely again after a while and want to come back? 2) If she does, is there REALLY a chance for a philophobic to get over it? to be “cured”?Thanks so much! Appreciate your answers.

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Advise needed

We met at a club one night, he asked for my number and 5 days later we started dating out of his will.He’s a pretty hot 26 years old guy and had many problems in his family (both his mum and grandma left their families to start a new life with new men) and even in his career (doesn’t have a degree and keeps chasing after jobs, his contract finished last week and he’s now jobless), not to say that he’s had a heroin addiction from which he’s now over. He’s never been into a relationship for more than 2 months and sometimes had crazy relationships with women a lot older than him (just to say they that were failed to end).All of this now makes me think that he’s a philophobic.From the beginning I was SO into him, he’s so sensitive and I never had such a deep connection…

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Friendzone, why?

I am Joe, and I’ve recently been through a a situation with someone the likes of you.To start of, my near decade old relationship fell apart early this year, these things happen and I moved on, slowly getting back on my feet day by day.Then a few months later I met a girl I hadn’t seen in like 12 or 13 years. We weren’t friends before, just acquaintances. She is like 5 years younger and we were teens when we met first time around. Just to set a pace, I always felt very intimidated around beautiful women and MY GOD is she beautiful so the first time I never got close, never knew what or when to say something.Anyway.. we reacquainted a couple of months ago thanks to a mutual friend in social situation, wasn’t really expecting to see her and could barely remember her by now but when I…

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Too scared (I need advice)

Dear all, I’m a girl who’s suffering a lot. I think that my now ex-boyfriend might be a philophobic, or at least I know he needs help.I am from South America, and he is from the US, and we both live in Spain right now. We met last May, and he did everything in order to see me. He sent me lots of messages, let’s do this or that. He wanted to see me all the time, and I have to admit I was really flattered. Ten days later, he kissed me for the first time. I had noticed that he wanted to kiss me before, but he didn’t dare, so in a way I made it evident (though not saying it directly) that I wanted to kiss him, too. A week later we made love, and it was one of the most magical nights of my life. From then…

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