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Philophobia Posts

“I love you” — the words make me feel sick

Well, i am younger then most people whom clam they have philophobia… I have been in some long distance relationships, and have gotten hurt in most. There are people who do put those dreadful three words out there at times..”i love you” I can’t help but feel sick. Nor do i feel anything..most normal people would feel a sense of joy…but i feel nothing. It’s like those words have had their days. And worn off. I don’t know what to do. I am still very young. And that fact that i am afraid to get close to people, scares me. I didn’t know this was an ACTUAL condition. I knew i had trust issues…i just never thought this would involve my happiness.

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I sabotage and cause fights

I am definitely a philophobe. I was very in love with my husband. He abandoned me, cheated on me and caused me so much stress I lost almost 40 pounds. To this day, I can’t not feel love for anyone. I am just too afraid. Men love me. I have so many to choose from but even when I feel confident enough to try I can think of a million reasons to be alone. I find fault in him and me-it’s so much easier. I sabatoge almost every aspect. I am the Queen of causing a fight. I am excellent at putting up walls. I am a master builder. I hope one day I can be cured of this awful phobia.

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Frustrated, alone and empty

I’m an 18 year old girl and I grew up in a dysfunctional family. At the age of 14 my parents had a divorce, and at age 15 I had my first significant breakup. The divorce was really traumatic since both of my parents have mental issues and they didn’t know how to handle the situation appropiately with me. My first “boyfriend” turned out to be a liar, a cheater and a sexual predator. This caused me to avoid close contact until this day. If a friend turns out to like me, I run away. If I suspect a guy is starting to like me, I scare him away. I have literal FEAR of physical/romantic contact. I haven’t dated for three years. I feel frustrated, alone, and empty. My solution? Platonic love. I’ve been obsessed with guys that I know will NEVER like me or even know I exist. (e.g.…

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Can’t risk loving again

Really this is a pointless story.. and I hate myself that I can share it with you (the anonymous readers) and not with anyone that I thought I care/d about…I’m 20, Lastyear I had just finished my first year at University.. then I had a long summer of 4 months… A girl that had been working for my parents since I went became good friends with me… over the months we became best friends, I’d think about her everyday.. my first experience of love and I didn’t even know that I was in love… I knew everything about her.. literally everything, I had even planned places to take her on a date and to show her the time of her life hoping that she would reciprocate the feelings and appreciate that I care about her… we became bestfriends and then she got a boyfriend, a customer at my parents business……

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I want to be comfortable liking someone

Im 15, almost 16 and i am scared out of my wits of love… Just the thought of being with someone forever makes my whole body tense up and i feel like every cell in my body is burning.Although i have had my share of boyfriends i thought that love was something you have to warm up too. So i stayed with them for as long as i could stand. Now i am so scared i havent been with a anyone in a while… just the thought of being with someone makes me want to light myself on fire. maybe theres no one for me? it seems like everyone has a match except me… I thought it was just because i didnt want to hurt myself by using someone else…And you know everyone is always talking about how love is the best thing in the world, and how it makes…

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