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What do I do now?

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Well, lets just say this is going to be hard for me to explain. There’s a really beautiful young woman that I go to (I’m in the later stages of secondary school) school with. She recently confessed -while half crying with embarrassment- that she “liked me”. I have to say, I was totally shocked and surprised to hear it. I really do think she’s a beautiful, amazing person.

My hearts telling me that I’m in love with her, but my head’s telling me that I CAN’T love her. I seriously feel like I can’t love her despite how beautiful she is. And it’s not like she’s just an ordinary young woman that I only say “hey” to every once in a while whilst we’re walking up and down to get to our next class. I talk to that girl every day. Even when we’re on our “Summer break”.

Sometimes I feel as if I can love her, but other times, not much.

At the moment, my mind’s in a muddle over this whole thing. Please help!!

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  1. Madi Madi

    Dude, you should just hold her tight and pray everything turns out all right. It’ll be okay, dude. You’ll see. 🙂

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