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I can’t love you… I’m sorry

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I don’t know how this happened though. But I don’t want it to happen…. AT ALL. All I want is to love you perfectly and let you love me back. (: But my fear to be with you has already started when I said yes, when you asked me out.

I didn’t know why I chose that answer when I knew that I was going to leave you soon enough. I can’t stand being with a guy or going on a date or anything like that. I find it… too awkward and uncomfortable.

And usually in the end, I break them up somehow. It’s a scary process and I don’t wanna go into details of how I tear them up… #:

However, after I break up with them, I feel alright again and I feel normal. The loneliness doesn’t affect me and I’m alright with it. I like my solitude and it likes me. That’s the only thing I can like for a long period amount of time.

I’m sorry, I can’t love you.

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