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I don’t blame you. It’s me.

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You may think i gave you nothing. But i gave u everything that I could in each moment. Which is something that i never gave to anyone. I tried. I really did. As much as i could. But you didn’t notice the importance of that. I don’t blame you. It’s me.

You have changed me. You’ve been doing that everyday since I’ve met you. You changed me so much. And I was almost determined to finally be yours. To finally show someone how much love I could give.

When you gave up.

You were my first at so many things. Even thought we didn’t even get to kiss.

Now I just have to pretend like I don’t care. Like it never was like this.

You want to keep our friendship like it was. That’s gonna hurt. But it’s ok. That I can do. Lie about how i feel.

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