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Not good enough

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So, I’ve been afraid to be in a relationship, or to like anyone really.

It all started with this one guy. It started with a friend request on facebook, and next thing I know we are just having a good conversation and then we just started talking everyday. I knew this guy by the way. He wasn’t some stranger.

Anyways, the conversation was just always friendly, but I noticed he started flirting. And if anyone knows me, I don’t do flirting. And next thing I know, I begin to like this guy. A lot. I realized he was just everything I wanted in a guy.

But he always used to say, “Oh you’re my best friend, I’m so glad I have you in my life.” Finally I confessed, “I do like you. A lot.”

And this guy made me believe he liked me too. We spent time together, he kissed me. Held my hand. He even met my parents. Came to my house. I guess I just thought those were the signs someone likes you.

And a few days after coming to my house, he stopped talking to me all together. And when I was completely oblivious to those signs, and was still head over heels for him, butterflies and all.

When I finally got into contact with him after a few days, still being all cute and bringing up how much I really liked him, he said something that just totally shattered my heart.

“I tried to like you, but I can’t.”
“I kissed you, and tried to feel something, but I felt nothing.”

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