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I’m tired. Utterly and completely tired. Why do I always fall for a guy who doesn’t even care for me? Why do I keep on wishing that one day this guy will be mine? He used to be just a dream but then he and I became friends and I thought it’s going to be a start of something I’ve always wished for. He used to make me smile and laugh. He used to pull my hair just so he could get my attention. He used to text me everyday. He used to tease me. We used to be so close but things changed when summer came. Two and a half months of summer and he changed. Everything between us changed. I liked him. No, I like him. He’s on my mind all the time and it freaking hurts me to see that now we’re back from being strangers, that now he doesn’t care about me anymore. I just don’t understand him at all. Why did he change? Why is he doing this to me?

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