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My older brother’s fault.

Please share!

I think it’s his fault I’m like this. I looked up to him my whole childhood and he just treated me like shit. I adored him, but when I started getting older, I saw the person he really is. What he did to me long ago is a horrible story. I just wish I could change myself. And change the past even.


  1. Anonymous Anonymous

    Don’t dwell on the past ! You can’t change it ! YOU CANNOT ! No matter how much you try ! Your energy is better spent focusing on the here and now and what you could to make it better .. cause this here and now will soon be the past too – and tommorow the future ! Stay strong !

  2. dk dk

    Hey dear, welcome to the boat I’ve been on for the past 20 years of my life. I have an older brother as well, who treats (yes still present) me like shit every day of my life. I missed out on a really great guy because I’m so afraid of being in a relationship. Sometimes I blame my brother for my fear, but I know I need to forgive him at some point… I don’t know if I can be the bigger person anymore. I want to be done with it.

    So I guess what I wanted to say is: you’re not alone. I’m here, too. Let’s keep moving on together, okay? We can do it!

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