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A beginning philophobic?

Please share!

Whenever I have a crush on a guy, and find out they like me back, I’m not happy, even though that’s what I wanted. I freak out, and force myself to not like them anymore. But it’s only if I like them. If they like me, but I don’t like them, I’m fine. Am I developing philophobia?


  1. S S

    I feel like I am being like this. Lately, when I am developing a crush on a guy, I then keep wishing that hopefully he already has a girlfriend… so that I won’t keep hoping that I would have a chance on him. :/ My best friend said that I am being weird.

    • Rachel Rachel

      I understand completely. Yu don’t mention your age. I am 48 and the way I deal with it is to enjoy the persons company but clearly state to them ‘I don’t do relationships’. They are then forced to be either friend or sex partner but you have laid down the rules at the beginning. It can help you to keep you feeling safe, at least for a while. Hang out together, have fun, have sex but keep reminding him that you do not do relationships. that way you can never be accused to lies or deceit. It is not a perfect solution but it helps.

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