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My fear

Please share!

I am afraid of being in love. Not family-wise, just romantically. I think I can be content this way, I can always get a spermatozoa donor or adopt. I don’t need a man. I never will. I do not know the cause, but I know I can’t change it. Even when playing a game as someone in love makes my heart beat irregularly (not in the good way) and I just get scared. I will be okay though.


  1. Anonymous Anonymous

    it’s HORRIBLE!!…that’s great that you accepted it but I REFUSE TO!!!!

    I’m sorry you have to live this way

  2. fearful fearful

    I’m tired of going through life without love. Im tired of being so despressed and destroyed. It is easy to replace pain with rage, but soon that is all you are capable of being.

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