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Who will love me for me?

Please share!

There’s this girl I know who is afraid of love, one who doesn’t know if love will be something she’ll experience again with a relationship, one who isn’t sure if love exists anymore for her… that girl is me.

I’ve had this fear ever since that one guy trampled over my heart and broke it into a thousand pieces. He made me afraid to love someone again, afraid to be hurt; he made me feel worthless, unimportant, as if I’m not good enough for any other guy. I honestly don’t blame him for causing this fear to come upon me since I have come to realize that he may have been right.

What he said made me look at myself one day and asks questions like “am I pretty?”, “am I skinny enough?”, “am I too sarcastic sometimes?”, and so many more questions like that. It’s been hard…

I wish I could just get over this fear and pretend nothing happened but it’s not easy. I am so afraid to hurt again…

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