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I get panic attacks when I see him

Please share!

I’m so glad I found this website. I seriously thought I was the only one to have this.

Just like some other persons on this website, I don’t know where it comes from, because I have never been sexually abused, abandoned or anything like that. My parents got divorced, but I’ve been suffering from the symptones before they separated, so that can’t be it.

I suffer from the worst form of philophobia: I get panic attacks when I see “a potential partner”. I can’t breath, I start shaking, I want to run away. It only happens when I see that person though, not when I see a random person from the opposite sex.

I can’t explain it to other people, nobody understands. I used to not understand how everybody was able to stand next to their lover without getting panic attacks. Now I realize it’s not normal to react like that.

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