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I don’t trust love anymore.

Please share!

Been in relationship for 2 years. Gave him my all.. My everything, thought he’ll be my last, my future. But he cheats on me literally with a younger one and sorry to say, not even pretty at all. I was trying to be tough and let no one knows about what went wrong with my emotion that time that been so unstable.. I gave him my chances, as I thought everybody deserve a second chance. Yes, everybody. But you know what? He let all of the chances I gave, and cheats on me all over again.. And by that time, I gave up on him.. I just couldn’t stand it anymore.

After that “sad, depressed and stressed” moment pass, I met this man, that are younger than me, we chat and feel connected to each other, but not for a long time, he said that we got to get that relationship over because of some reason that (sorry) I couldn’t share it here.

Thats the reason why I hate love, being loved, or loving someone.

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