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The two month curse.

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When i fall into an relationship where i really love someone, Not the normal i love you, but the heart felt truly, and deeply i love yous, I start to get scared. Just little things. Always not thinking we’ll make it another month. And all my relationships I’ve had, never last more than two months. Tomorrow is my two month with my most recent boyfriend. Who i really really do love. And he brings up to me how I’ve been distancing myself from him. And i realize i have. No hugs in public places. I wont talk to him for hours at a time. I ignore him. I don’t mean to it just happens. And he’s thinking i’m going to break up with him. A part of me says i should. That i shouldn’t go any further. But i want to try. And i’m hoping to get over my fear of commitment. And my fear of love.

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