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I don’t know myself

Please share!

I’m 23 but I have no boyfriend yet since I was young. And I afraid to get a boyfriend. I know I had people who loved and were interested in me but I didn’t believe them. I think there is no true love.

I am afraid of men. Whenever I communicate with men, I pretend that I know nothing. But I wanna get a boyfriend who love me very much like my friends.

Now, I’m interested in a man who is 5 years older than me. As soon as I knew I’m interested in him, I avoided him. Now I can’t forget him and every time miss him. I think he knew that I was interested in him. Now, I wanna be with him.

How can I do? please. I really don’t know myself.


  1. David G. David G.

    That sounds so similar to me. I’m 23, I haven’t dated anyone since I was 16 and before that my longest relationship was a month. I also have heard that girls were into me and I never believed them as well. I feel like humans can’t truly love too, just like how Jack White says in the song “the Union Forever”.
    I also hide a lot of myself and reserve any negative opinions about others because I don’t really know if I’m being too hard on myself or everyone else. Recently I started going back to College after 4 years of not taking classes and I’m starting to feel really anxious around the girls I think are attractive. I keep doing this thing where I call myself dumb for getting crushes and then arguing with myself because I really want a relationship. I just don’t see a girl being emotionally available enough for me and I don’t know what to do about it. For now I just try really hard to be good at music and make money and I’m hoping that I’ll get more opportunities to meet more girls- even though I’m really scared of talking to them.

    • Anonymous Anonymous

      Ms. J
      We’re the same! I can relate you…

  2. i am so sorry but i am only 11 years old but

  3. Daewi Daewi

    I am 21 yrs old girl.I have no boyfriend since childhood. I fear to love other boys because I can’t believe them. I try to love but I fail every time because at that time I was seeing the moment of tarriable case that face when I was 4yrs old. How can I solve my problem?

  4. KT KT

    definitely me as well :'(

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