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Building walls

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Whenever a guy shows interest in me, I immediately begin to disgust that person and when someone says “I Love You”, that’s even worse. Basically, I do everything I can to keep boys who are interested away from me. Ans this includes pretending that my guy best friend is my boyfriend. It is really freaking me out as to how i have turned out to be. And sometimes, even when I need love, i am not capable of opening up to people.


  1. Angelica Angelica

    Often love is make us crazy and upset.
    But Love is a part of our life.
    You feel look like a happy and mild touch.
    Actually you felling in love.
    We cann’t deny this feeling and cann’t reget this time.

  2. Hanna Jung Hanna Jung

    This is what happening to me too!
    I know loving someone is not a crime but i really hate when someone confessed me or show signs of interesting me. I started to hate them!

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