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I think I have philophobia, but I’m not sure. I’m not good in relationships because I cant open up to them because I’m afraid of what they’re thinking. My guy friends are very friendly and are always hugging me and my heart beats and I start to sweat. Do I have philophobia?

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  1. Scalo Scalo

    I think you are one of the people who cannot just fall in love at first sight

    you probably will fall in love where you least expect it like with a friend who does not even give you a hug or flatter with you.

    I think allowing yourself to be free with physical contact (hugs) will help you to be comfortable around people if you can just hug or hand shake just to be nice and not allow ideas of love at that time.

    As a Christian I’d also like to advise you to pray about this #Godisable

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