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Do I have philophobia?

Please share!

I’m sixteen and I’m not sure if I have philophobia.

I have a lot of guy friends but i haven’t had a crush for 4 years up until now.

I don’t like showing affection or intimacy, like hugging with both guys and girls. I also don’t like to open up to people and usually keep my thoughts to myself.

I tell myself that no one will be capable of loving me and feel that people deserve love except me. I like to think of love. I imagine myself on dates or make up scenarios in my head about falling in love but when its in real life I end up being scared.

When I find out that a guy likes me I panic. I also feel disgusted, I don’t know if its towards myself or the guy.

My parents fight all the time, especially when i was younger but now they only do it once a month.

Is it weird for me to wish that they should just get a divorce? I also blame myself that they are still together.

Please, help is this philophobia?

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  1. Harshit Gupta Harshit Gupta

    It’s all up to you! Get along with your life .. and have rational decisions! Do not let this starting sign overload you! Just be what you are and accept things positively!

    P.S : Saying it from my personal experiences!

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