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I’m not entirely sure

Please share!

I think I may be philophobic. I really like the idea of a relationship and I’ve had my fair share of crushes and whatnot, but one time I was confronted by a guy I liked at the time (he kind of but not really liked me too) and he asked “So is something going to happen out of this?” And I immediately got scared and refused to talk to him for weeks.

I yearn for a relationship, yet when given the opportunity I run for the hills. Even now I’m avoiding getting feelings for anyone now because I really don’t want to repeat this

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  1. Anonymous Anonymous

    i’m not a doctor, i’m just a sixteen year old girl in high school, but from what i know about Philophobia, you might have it. i feel like i have philophobia and i feel the exact same way. whenever i start to catch feelings for a person i start to distance myself from them and i act like a dick. i don’t mean to, but i just get scared. it gets worse when i know they feel the same way, i ignore their calls and avoid them. i didn’t really have a great childhood so this sorta explains why i have philophobia, but i understand how you feel

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