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An obnoxiously long memoir from a philophobic

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[deleted due to request from submitter]


  1. Anonymous Anonymous

    Hi Alex I’m writing under my pseudonym “Cam” I’m 16 years old a girl and believe it or not your story is almost exactly like mine I can relate to YKU so much right now it’s scary I’m not sure how to get over it but once I allow myself to even get close to a guy I shut him out or ghost him because I get scared. I’ve never been kissed I want love I just don’t know how to open up but trust me you are not alone

  2. Anonymous Anonymous

    hi this is alex, if the website has any way of taking the comments and this post down even though i am thrilled to have found someone else like me out there, i would very much like for this post to be taken down as I don’t feel comfortable with this being on record and having able access to the public as I was in an unstable state of mind when writing this and I now realize I shouldn’t have shared it. Thank you for helping me so much through this problem and it would be very appreciated if you took this post down, and since I cant find any contact information, I just hope you see it through here. Thank you.

    • admin admin

      Glad to hear you’re doing better. I removed it.

  3. Anonymous Anonymous

    i feel like you should have shared it. you needed to let it out and it might’ve helped people. i believe i have philophobia. when i start to have feelings for a person i push them away and act like a total dick to them, but it gets worse when they feel the same for me. i avoid them in the halls and ignore their calls. i’m not really sure what to do.

    • Anonymous Anonymous

      aw dude that really sucks for you, I reckon I have the same thing, and I can like someone as much as I want, but if they show interest back to me, I feel sick to my stomach and want nothing to do with them. But if you have the option, I would absolutely recommend going and seeing a therapist or counselor about this, in my brief time that I saw my counselor, (since it’s been the school holidays and I haven’t been able to see her) it really helped me and I almost felt like I wouldn’t freak out as much and I felt very calm about everything, I wasn’t ready of course, but I only saw her for 4 sessions and already it felt good to talk about it and possible solutions with someone that cared. and don’t get me wrong, I’m really thrilled people are reading this, possibly finding some relevance to their own cases here, cause I know how crap it feels to feel alone, but if the website has any way to either let me edit my story, to take out a few personal details, or to delete it entirely, although if it is deleted, I would be happy to republish with a few details removed, but I feel I might have crossed a line at some point, but if not, I’m just happy y’all can relate. -alex

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