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I hate running for the hills but I can’t help it

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I am going to turn 22 in one day and I have never had a stable relationship! All of this because I overthink a lot — all this is because I think all men are the same.

When I was young I had an…experience by my brother. I was terrified a lot, and then the walls started to build up. I thought if my brother could do that to me, why not others?

I really don’t want to brag about any thing but I think most men just lust for me and don’t really like me. I have experienced that a lot, meaning that no man that have come into my life has actually liked me for who I am rather than just what I have.

I have tried once to like a guy but at the end he actually just didn’t like me. It’s true that you have to kiss a lot of frogs to find a prince, but in the real sense, the more I kiss a frog the more I build walls around me.

I am insecure, I agree on that. I don’t think I am good enough for anyone, but don’t I deserve love too? Maybe not.

I just hope I stay clear of men from now on because from judging my friends’ relationships I don’t think I can deal with men. NO I CAN’T

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