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Philophobia Posts

Pushing away the love

When I was young … I fell in love…. he broke my heart so bad that I hated everyone and everything…now it’s been 4 years after he broke my heart I have gotten over it… but I’m scared to love again… I’m scared to let people in … I say it to my friends but I don’t mean it all the time….. But I cannot except love from guys or my own dad…. I hear it all the time “I love you” I just feel sick to my stomach….I get headaches, I have trouble sleeping….and I hang around guys that I know that will not love me…I push away guys that make me feel like they are showing they love me … I get mad to scare them away…life has been hard…..I want to love and I want someone to love me…. but as soon as I feel it I push away.

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Terrified of liking him

I guess really I’m just scared of a relationship and letting someone into my heart, I had to break up with one of the nicest people in the world and I hurt him so much simply because I was terrified of liking him. I hate having to say no to people to when they try so hard to get you to go out with them and I can’t I just get all shaky and completely loose not because of them but because I just can’t handle the thought. Life is so lonely and I wish to open up to someone so badly but if I even think of trying I break down -_-

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He’s scared to be in a relationship

I really like this one guy and he really likes me too. we’ve known eachother for tha past 2 years but never really talked till a while back. he sais he really likes me, but he’s just scared to be in a relationship because they have hurt him a lot. so I don’t know what to do in this case cause I really do wanna be with him..?

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He was my first everything

i was with a guy for so long. he was my first everything. then he just left me and i find it so hard to be with anyone since because im so scared to get hurt again.

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My ex BF, the philophobe

My ex bf is a philophobe. He said he loves me to this day but he just cant have a relationship with me. He’s afraid that i will hurt him like his ex did… I dont know how to deal with it because I love him too….

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My parent’s fault

It’s my parents fault I’m like this. They have made me afraid to fall in love. It’s my worst fear. The first thing I always tell someone who I am getting to know is “don’t fall in love with me” they always just laugh because they think I’m joking, but then they promiss. They always lie. It scares me though to think some one could love me too.

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